Why You Should Consider Making Customer Service Your Number One Priority For Your Garden Center, Nursery, or Farm…

Why should you consider making customer service your number one priority for you garden center, nursery, or farm? Well, I am going to give you my best example here. Personally it is my favorite garden center-Lake Street Gardens in Salem NH. For me is about 30 miles away, and it takes about an hour to get there, so you know that they have to be doing something right.

Why do I go there? Because Lake Street gives me the best service:

  • They are extremely educated.
  • They stay up-to-date and informed on the newest and best products for this area.
  • They will answer anyone’s questions no matter how simple or crazy the question is while treating their customers with dignity and respect, not talking over the customer’s head, and with a down-to-earth attitude – not an air of they-are-better-than-thou attitude.
  • They keep their stock full, well watered, properly cared for, and well organized.
  • They go out of their way to give their customers a chance at gaining knowledge through demos or lectures that they hold.
  • They are ALL friendly.
  • Even the owners remember their customers’ names!
There are about two dozen or more places (not including hardware stores and those big box stores like W, HD, L, etc. that I could go to to buy my plants), but I like the knowledge and service that I get at Lake Street. It may cost a bit more for their merchandise, but to me it is worth every extra penny because I know that they stand behind their products, and their information will keep my plants healthier, thereby, my plants will live longer because of Lake Street Gardens!

This is why customer service is so important. Whether it is the owners of the business or the employees, everybody has to have excellent customer service. All it takes is just one unhappy customer to ruin your farm, garden center, or nursery’s reputation by having that lightening speed word-of-mouth complaint passed all around.



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