Garden Centers, Nurseries, And Farms WATCH THIS!!!


Duplicate this to get attention to your garden center, farm, or nursery! Well, don’t duplicate it exactly. Use your own ideas to spice up your videos.

This video was posted a week before their scheduled sale. It is now only a week after that. In 2 weeks, at the time I am writing this blog post, Peaceful Belly Farm in Boise Idaho has more than a half million views on YouTube. Think of it – 1/2 million views in just 2 weeks!!! Amazing!

Now the part you have to realize is…it doesn’t just stay on YouTube. I discovered it through Facebook. BUT the post on Facebook’s time line came from Do you see how videos move over the Internet? Now this video is EVERYWHERE!

I can hear you saying, “But what good is it. The sale is over and done with?” Yes…BUT it is the continual benefits of the infinite advertising of Peaceful Belly Farm for years into the future that these folks will reap. Think of how many more customers you can get to visit your farm, nursery, or garden center with just one ad like this one. Because it is over the ‘world wide Internet’, folks may even want to visit your place when they are on vacation in your area. They will tell others about it both locally and far away.

Just put your mind in gear to churn out some crazy ideas to do a video about. Keep it fun and entertaining. That’s what people want to see. That is one of the keys to a viral video versus just an okay video. So right now, go and start working on an amazing video ad for your nursery, garden center, or farm. Yes, NOW… Go do it!

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