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I posted this on another blog that I have. I thought that it might be good to post it here as well. I just want everyone to think about what they do and why they do things from time to time. It is not always about money. We need to do things sometimes for others as well as for ourselves. You may or may not be ‘religious’, but you can still be spiritual and caring about our earth and those that live here from humans to other creatures  to plants and beyond as to what affects our little blue planet. Here is my post:

As I sit here pondering about life and how I ripped open several old envelopes to make a ‘notebook’ because I left my steno pad at home, I thought of Jack Kerouac and his pieced together manuscript.

When things get desperate, you can muster up to accomplish anything anyhow. Whether the means to do so is good or bad, it is your choice via free will. Will you make this world better or worse by your decisions and your actions? Do you trust people? Forgive people? Are you still bitter from something that occurred in your past? Think about that today.

Can you move forward to take better actions in the future for a happier, more positive life? Project out to envision what your life can actually be like.

Take action now. Yes, now. Now go do something good for you and for others. Get going…

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