How To Announce Your Farm, Garden Center, Or Nursery to Your Local Community…

Announce your farm, garden center, or nursery to your local community. This is an important marketing factor. This alone will pull in many new customers that didn’t know that your business even exists. How to do this you ask?

Get yourself into a local parade.

What parade? It depends on what parades are put on around your town. In my town (Pepperell MA) we hold a huge Fourth Of July Parade. A few years ago the local covered bridge was rebuilt; our town held a big reopening parade that had many locals showing their support and advertising their businesses too by participating in the parade. Pay attention to your town and your surrounding towns for special parades like this or special anniversary parades like when a town turns 75 or 350 years old. In the past my town had an old fashion woodsmen’s day. In the town (Foxborough MA) where I grew up, we used to have a Firemen’s Field Day with a parade to help raise funds for our volunteer fire department; now they have a Founder’s Day with a big parade. When the New England Patriot’s won the Super Bowl, they had some of the Patriots show up with their huge two story inflatable replica of the Super Bowl trophy; what a way to attract attention!

Many local farms, garden centers, and nurseries participate in the parade in one way or another. (I will address this in my next blog post.)

The biggest thing that I notice that folks forget to do is get their business name out there…AND …make the sign big enough to read!!! Also make sure that there is a big contrast in color between the printing (VERY BOLD – not fancy, delicate hard-to-read curly ques) and the sign’s background so it is readable and it doesn’t all blend into one big blur.

Put your website on the sign. Folks don’t necessarily know where you are located even in your own town. First they will check to see where you are. Then they will want to look you up to see what you have to offer them whether it be produce, trees, flowers, etc.

Get together with the other businesses that are in the local farmers’ markets and get a float together to drum up business¬† for the markets that you participate in.

You might be able to get more than one parade out of your float. Around here there are different days that the Fourth Of July Parades are held because many towns like to put them on convenient days that don’t conflict with the neighboring towns so everyone can bring in big crowds.

See what the possibilities are for your area and your business.

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