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I am just considering what to write about next for those of you with farms, garden centers, and nurseries. I figure even those of you who are master gardeners and those who have landscaping businesses can benefit from some of my tips.

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Here in the northeastern part of the United States springtime is just about coming around. We have gone from freezing weather to high 60 degrees Fahrenheit and back and forth to freezing temperatures and sleet and snow.

It brings a close to the maple syrup season for another year. This year was fairly decent and long compared to last year’s extremely short season.

It’s great to see the newborn animals out and about and bouncing all around on the more springlike days.

I am still looking forward to seeing lots of green unfurling and sprouting upwards. Around here the daffodils are up a few inches and the dandelions are starting to green up and sprout more leaves.

I just picked some dandelion greens yesterday to steep a cup of tea with the dandelion greens and green tea with a touch of stevia and honey. I can hardly wait for the nettles to emerge.

Today it is one of those raw days. I am tempted to run outside to grab another handful of those dandelion greens for another cup of tea. I am out of green tea, so I am considering what would match well with the dandelion.

By the way, I don’t waste those dandelion leaves. I toss them with a sprinkling of extra virgin olive oil and a dash of garlic and freshly ground black pepper. I figure it makes a great snack to go along side the tea. It reminds me of the seaweed salad that you get in the Asian restaurants.

I guess I better hurry out to grab those greens. The snow is coming down rapidly in huge wet flakes and sleet!

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